New Poll Shows Trump Narrowing Gap with Biden in Democratic Strongholds


Panelists Clay Travis, Gianno Caldwell and Philippe Reines react to former President Trump’s visit to the Bronx as new polls shed light on his campaign success.

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  1. Did any black person that was there ask Donald Trump did he apologize to the Central Park five if not why oh he didn’t my bad Black people why are you bowing down and why are you taking it from this racist oh, you gonna hear a lot about white racism that’s racism against white people you gonna hear a lot about that. Why do Black people keep helping them?

  2. – [ ] DID You see the Democrats have all of a sudden turned on Nikki Haley because she is backing Trump. That’s what the Democrats do. Praise you when you fit their narrative and condemn you when you stop. Lol. Did they really think Nikki wouldn’t? She will run again in 2028. Don’t they remember how Kamala Harris treated Biden in the debates? Well Biden (or someone did) picked Harris for Vice President! What is the difference? It’s politics. I don’t think Trump will pick her for Vice President though.

  3. What no one is talking about is why the media is frustrated with T support in general- in 2020 they had T and the media-stoked chaos that people were sick of. On the sideline was old JB who could sell people on the idea of “back to normal”. We all know now what that was all about. Now, we have these two guys and everyone is looking at their RECORDS side by side and more people everyday are going “yeah, T was just better at doing the job. I’m voting T.” It’s no more complicated than that.

  4. The people of the Bronx at this rally were the greatest representation of AMERICA 🇺🇸 that I’ve seen in my lifetime. We saw every single race and religion, UNITED, and the Dems are still singing the same tune. They won’t accept the truth- we’re TOGETHER and they can’t break us. We are going to save this country as ONE 🖤🤎🤍🇺🇸

  5. Democrats are really white caller gangsters they can't sell it us real people suffer. Robin hood stills from the rich and give to the poor but the left takes it for them selfsame 45 and will be 47 MAGA we love you Trump because you show us poor people your true intentions America firs and Israel

  6. If the people are saying that they voted for Biden back in 2020 and now they want to vote for Trump because they don't like the state of the economy, then isn't that saying that they voted for Biden back in 2020 because they didn't like the state of the economy when Trump was president? And if they didn't like the state of the economy when Trump was president the first time then what makes them think that it will be better under a second Trump presidency? Good god the people that go to these Trump rallies are mentally impaired.

  7. The on the spot CNN reported looked so depressed lol. Wow this DEM is on crack that Biden can get people. Without Covid ballots and machines that stopped counting votes at 10:40 on election night Trump wins by 10 Mill votes

  8. If you look at who attends these rallies especially the fronts rows and those who are behind him, it's the same faces. Makes you wonder if trump brings a paid travelling freak show with him to make up the numbers. You have to laugh at the aerial shots which Frump tries to stop going public, they are pretty small.

  9. I see a bigger picture. Throwing these news networks in jail for corrupting the news about Trump since 2016! The slander and horrible treatment of Trump all these years should be what's bothering us. The media and Dems have turned this country into a circus and I'm sick of it! Not one MSM could just report, they have to interject their narrative and smear the man. COVID is the only reason people voted for Biden, they thought trump was the reason. Simple minded folks can't understand what a WORLD Pandemic is.

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