New Gallup Poll Reveals Stagnant American Pride


According to a recent Gallup poll, American pride remains at a record low. The poll, released Tuesday, shows that a meager 41 percent of Americans are “extremely proud” to be American, a trend that has persisted for the past five years, with readings consistently hovering between 38 and 43 percent.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that 26 percent of adults reported being “very proud” to be American, a statistic in line with recent Gallup surveys.

Notably, the responses varied by political affiliation. Republicans demonstrated significantly higher levels of pride, with 59 percent expressing extreme pride, compared to 34 percent of Democrats and 36 percent of Independents. This disparity has been consistent in the past.

The poll also showed that across all party groups, American pride has declined significantly over the past two decades. In 2001, immediately following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, record-high levels of pride were reported. This stark contrast highlights the drastic change in sentiment over the years.

The Gallup poll was conducted from June 3 to June 23, providing a snapshot of Americans’ current attitudes towards their nation’s identity.

Madeline Leesman
Madeline Leesman
Web Editor. Madeline writes on all topics, with a particular interest in the pro-life issue, LGBT+ issues, immigration, big tech, and the coronavirus pandemic. She graduated from Belmont University in December 2019 as a double major in journalism and public relations.

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