Netflix Faces Backlash for Showing a Graphic Penis Scene in ‘A Man In Full’ Series


Netflix is facing criticism in the UK after a scene from the show “A Man In Full” featured a fully erect penis. The episode showed actor Tom Pelphrey’s character revealing himself to co-star Jeff Daniels’ character, making it a controversial moment for British viewers. The scene, believed to be the first of its kind in mainstream British television, sparked shock and dismay among viewers who were not warned about the graphic nudity. Some critics, including author Mary Killen and writer Anne Atkins, expressed their disapproval of the explicit content, calling it unnecessary and revolting. Politicians and government officials are also weighing in on the issue, with calls for stricter regulation of streaming platforms like Netflix. The UK government is considering new legislation that could fine streamers up to £250,000 for breaking rules related to explicit content. In addition to the controversy surrounding “A Man In Full,” Netflix is also facing backlash for another show on its platform, “Baby Reindeer,” with claims that the depictions in the series are fictional.

Alana Mastrangelo
Alana Mastrangelo
Daughter of immigrants. Descendant of gladiators.

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