Nashville School Shooter Planned to Return and Harm Her Dad After Attack


Audrey Hale, the 28-year-old who identified as a man and tragically shot and killed six at a Nashville Christian school on March 27, 2023, had plans to return home after the attack and murder her father.

In the interview, police questioned Hale’s parents to see if they knew about her fixation on transitioning or if she had exhibited homicidal tendencies.

Her father, Ronald, stated, “None of her therapists ever felt that they had, like, a duty to warn anybody.”

“[Hale] said something along the lines of how she felt close to [the Columbine shooters], how she could empathize with them and how they felt. And she went and bought the tapes and the books,” the investigator noted. “So I was curious if you guys ever heard about this, that they ever mentioned, if she ever mentioned these things to you guys at all?”

Hale’s mother, Norma, said she was unaware of this.

Later in the discussion, the investigators focused on Hale’s journals, highlighting how she was very methodical and scheduled.

Talking to Ronald, an investigator remarked, “On one schedule, she intends to wake up early to slash dad’s tires before the incident happened. She wanted to create a diversion after the incident to escape from the school but to come back and harm dad. I believe the intention was to kill you…”

The investigators disclosed that Hale had recorded herself sneaking up behind her dad, practicing how she would harm him, and then retreating to her room.

On June 7, 2024, Tennessee Star reported that Hale left behind handwritten notes allegedly focusing on her “imaginary penis.”

Hale, a biological woman, allegedly wrote, “My penis exists in my head. I swear to god I’m a male.”

Police officers cornered Hale on the second floor of the Covenant School and neutralized her just minutes after she had shot and killed six innocent people.

AWR Hawkins
AWR Hawkins
AWR Hawkins is one of the preeminent 2nd amendment journalists having racked up a series of high profile awards in the space. The Second Amendment Foundation named him Journalist of the Year 2015; Gun Rights Defender of the Year 2016; and Journalist of the Year 2017. He was named 2019 Journalist of the Year at the 34th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference, and Gun Rights Defender of the Year at its 2020 conference.

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