'My heart goes out to the American people': RNC spokeswoman


RNC spokesperson Elizabeth Pipko reacts to President Biden’s gaffes ahead of the 2024 election on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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  1. If a guy sitting next to you on the subway announced that he would rather die by electrocution than by shark or suddenly slipped into a pirate accent and shouted, “Never fight uphill, me boys!” you’d find another seat as soon as possible. Yet somehow, we have become accustomed to hearing such bizarre lunacy from a guy who could be reelected to the presidency.

  2. USA history in a nutshell (1) Washington……..I cannot tell a LIE (2) King Trump.CIC……………I cannot tell the TRUTH

    The latest King Trump lie. Donald Trump wants to distance himself from Project 2025, the blueprint for his administration drawn up by his former officials and backed by an influential Republican-aligned think tank.

    Project 2025’s 900-page manifesto for nearly every detail of a second Trump presidency was drawn up by more than a dozen former Trump administration officials and advisers, who have planned to “integrate” the document into the campaign’s platform in the coming months.

  3. So why was Trumps plane on tarmac right next to Russian Government plane in isolated area for 2 days? Transferring documents or money? Why was Trumps plane there and not under guard with nothing near it? Should have been an exclusion zone. Not hard to transfer items by drone of a night from one plane to another. Or short range wi-fi transfer that is not tracible. Slower but 2 days would cover it. And just when Trump says he is building a Trump tower in Saudi Arabia a Saudi military plane parks next to Trump and the Russian one.

  4. For you sheep followers under Donald here's – some information for you that needs to bring you back to reality…. by the way Joe sucks also and either way we're under World War three with either of these as president.

    1. Doesn't matter if Donald Trump gets elected the wars are still going to go on not like he said he'll have it stopped in 24 hours delusional… Putin said that won't make no difference if he's elected.

    Donald Trump's nuclear track record

    1. He single-handedly withdrew from the intermediate nuclear forces treaty in 2019 – some say that that was a major factor which caused Putin to go into Ukraine.

    2. He got rid of the Iran nuclear agreement – so this compelled I ran to wanting to nuclearis more, which caused economic problems sanctions do not work… the backfire.

    3. He also withdrew from the open Skies treaty – via satellite it allows Nations to look via satellite etc he backed out of that.

    4. He told a Puerto Rican governor – that if nuclear war happens we won't be second in line to pressing the button. Now maybe that brings his services but that also means there's a high-risk help push the nuclear button first which will compel the Russians are Chinese to fire back. He's more open to a pre-emptive strike which is problematic cuz the Russian see it on high alert and so on.

    5. Last month for Trump's former National Security advisor Robert O'Brien to, called Donald Trump to resume nuclear test for reliability and safety in the real world since 1992. As soon as the United States does nuclear testing every other country will do the same. CP

  5. I still know 65+ year old men that say that Joe Biden is doing a good job and that inflation is only up 3% since he was installed.
    They are afraid that the Republicans are going to defund Social Security, the ages-old Democrat Party lie to keep seniors voting for them. They also believe that it's ok to give billions to Ukraine. The Democrat Party can't fund the needs of the ENTIRE PLANET with taxpayer dollars, which fund, among other things, Social Security!
    When I was a young Democrat, I never saw so many Filthy Rich Democrat Party Politicians!!!
    …and now they're WAR MONGERS, just like the old Republican Party during the Vietnam War…
    I love my country, but not many of its money hungry politicians.

  6. I don't know man lol. How on Earth did we get here? Joe Biden to me seems too old to be President right now. But on the flip side Trump has said some crazy stuff at rallys like he wants to "suspend" the Constitution. Like what does that even mean? There's nothing more American the the Constitution! If I'm forced to pick between Biden's Vice President, advisors, other Dems, etc. running the country & keeping it how it is now or Trump trying to suspend our Constitution I will seriously choose Biden!

  7. why does she keep saying 'right' after every sentence? giving people a lecture and expecting them to nod along because you say 'right' after everything you say is right out of the Meghan markle playbook. repeating talking points and expecting the public to nod like sheep without any real analysis of their own is ridiculous.

  8. No maam. We are not learning weve been lied to. Weve seen it all along. The poor bastard cant even form a sentence. We need someone capable to lead, someone who is with the times.

  9. We are pathetic for allowing this crooked compromised senile old man to remain in office another day.. we are weak because we let it happen..Joe is the biggest threat to America.. look at what is going on all over the World.. and he is responsible for it… no other but him..

  10. Biden''t health is irrelevant. His administration has been horrible for this country & the world scene. I preferred inflation being under 2%, peace treaties being signed in the Middle East, no new wars, North Korea being put in their place, Russia kept from invading Ukraine, soldiers no longer dying in Afghanistan, energy independence, Mexico providing 10,000 troops to help secure our southern border. I could go on, but I can't think of one single positive thing Biden has done in over 40 years of politics. Claiming people went back to work after COVID is quite lame. We know how Trump made his millions. How do life long political families make their millions? Most of all, I cannot stomach the attack of a political opponent by the justice system. I don't want the country Biden has created. He's been a yucky/creepy person his entire life. Who would hire him for any job today?

  11. President Biden was just joking 😂 Trump sounds like a rambling wink that lives in the park… I can see why Fox News was sued and lost .. the host lie a lot

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