Mother Charged with Murder After Toddlers Found Dead in NJ Residence


Tragedy struck in Lakewood, N.J. yesterday as authorities responded to a horror scene where two young children, aged 1 and 3, were found dead inside a residence on Shenandoah Drive. Naomi Elkins, the 27-year-old mother, has been arrested and charged with murder, as well as the unlawful possession of a weapon.

Local police were dispatched to the location at around 4:50 pm, where first responders were engaged in a desperate bid to save the pair of toddlers. However, both children succumbed to their injuries and were declared deceased at the scene.

The 1-year-old victim had sustained stab wounds, while both toddlers had also been brutally drowned, according to prosecuting authorities. The identity of the deceased remains unknown pending official confirmation by investigators.

Following the discovery of the tragic scene, Elkins, the accused mother, was taken into police custody at the property. An investigation has been launched, and authorities will be working to uncover the circumstances leading up to this heinous and senseless crime.

Justin Finch
Justin Finch
Digital Reporter.

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