Mom speaks out after son was kicked out of school for allegedly ‘being too patriotic’


Mother Hattie Ruggles alleges her son Jimmy was expelled from a California middle school for violating its ‘Christian code of conduct’ over patriotic speech on ‘Fox News @ Night.’

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  1. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indevisable, with Liberty and JUSTICE for ALL.

  2. Wait, is this a Catholic School?
    Because, if it is, what the child said agrees 100% with both The Magisterium and the Church's social principles as stated since time immemorial in its Catechism.

  3. A kid can take puberty blockers and is celebrated for being brave, but don’t you dare stand up as a proud American, or else. Great job, Jimmy! And great parenting Mom. I love seeing this young man stand up for what he believes in. The little sister is adorable.

  4. I live in calif if you fly a American flag people look at you like you are a commie one lady said I was in a cult when I flew my marine flag on Veterans Day it is mostly those woke flags flying all over the place I had a American flag on my car bumper and a lot of people were driving by flipping me off saying f ck trump I do not know what is going on I am a old man but this is some crazy stuff nowadays.

  5. In order to achieve a NWO Agenda Nationalism must be done away with. Any patriotic press must be countered with the reasoning that DEI and respect for authority must come first. Nothing less will be tolerated for the emotional health and safety of the people. You know, the thing!

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