Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey Criticizes New York’s Legal Pursuit of Trump


During a recent interview on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey expressed his disapproval of New York State’s actions in the case against former President Donald Trump, deeming them “unconstitutional lawfare.”

Bailey believes that New York’s pursuit of Trump deprived the citizens of Missouri and potentially the entire country of the ability to engage with and consider a presidential candidate.

He explained, “I’m fighting for Missouri’s sovereignty and the ability of Missouri voters to hear from and access a presidential candidate.” According to Bailey, the United States Constitution has established a process for resolving disputes between states. He specifically pointed to Article 3 Section 2, which grants the United States Supreme Court original jurisdiction to hear cases between states.

Bailey is strongly opposed to Missouri’s predicament with New York and sees a pressing need for action to protect Missouri’s citizens’ right to freely choose their presidential candidate.

Watch below or click here if you’re on the app.

Jeff Poor
Jeff Poor
Editor and conservative opinion maker.

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