Miranda Devine: Biden’s Need to Ask Audience for Applause is ‘Pretty Sad’


‘The Big Weekend Show’ panelists weigh in on President Biden pleading with West Point grads during commencement speech to ‘fight to preserve our democracy.’

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  1. Biden told the cadets that they are going to serve and many die in the present and future wars that the globalists have been running and losing on purpose to indebt our republic, enrich the MIC and waste Trillions in economic production to attacking and destroying people and things and so I have to ask… when will We the People actually see MORE of our lost freedoms return to vogue? I smell a rat! Do you?

  2. Biden is the main guy who is killing Democracy. He rules like an autocrat or a dictator, not a President. He belongs in a home. He deserves to be impeached for all the harm he has done to this country and the world.

  3. This F#2% Joe Bumble is a low-IQ fool: one does not fight for democracy when you yourself
    Joe Brandon, tearing down the US Constitution–the very essence of democracy is the 2nd Amendment. Joe Brandon, you are a betrayer of your position: you sworn to protect the US Constitution before you hold office as the president of the United States of America. Listen Americans, WAKE UP. I'm a naturalized American Citizen, and I know what is oppressive government is all about: tyrant government have to disarm their citizens to easily control and oppress them.

  4. USA history in a nutshell (1) Washington……..I cannot tell a LIE (2) Trump…………….I cannot tell the TRUTH He did not testify to save himself and Melania, because he cannot tell the tuth Back in early April, he told reporters that he would “absolutely” testify.

    Truth matters. In the end it is the bedrock of a free country. Lies have consequences. Chaos ensues. And sometimes heavy financial penalties…Cohen lied for Trump because he was knee deep in the cult of Trump

  5. Listened to West Point speech but of course comments turned off. No doubt Biden didn’t want any criticism. Nothing uplifting or inspirational. Talked about himself as usual.

  6. If it was that close. There'd be tons of Biden Harris Sign's all over the States! There isn't! Dem's are socialist election stealing Marxist sick non American degenerates! 🤬

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