‘MIND GAMES’: Putin sends fleet to Cuba amid tension with US, Biden


Former CIA station chief Dan Hoffman breaks down the significance of Russia moving a fleet of warships to Cuban waters on ‘Fox News Live.’

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  1. Please everyone be as prepared for any situation as you can it's going to be bad. but who knows what form that will take. Remember we have had open borders so we are already invaded

  2. Bro Biden is the reason why Russia will be invading the United States when democrats are brainwashed cults supporting Biden. Biden is some person who’s doing absolutely nothing!!!! We need trump in office now! We can’t wait any longer!!!!!!!

  3. Hmm… Remember when Kennedy almost started WWIII blockading Cuba because he didn't believe the Soviet Union should be able to put its missiles there? Fast forward 50 years, the West supports a military coup in Ukraine (that country on Russia's border) to remove its pro-Russia President then marches NATO right up to Russia's border and starts talking about giving Ukraine membership. I'm fine with people supporting their 'team' no matter how bad they are, but the West has no high ground here. Anything Russia does at this point was provoked by Biden and NATO.

  4. He's a draft dodger!' Veterans mince no words in Trump takedown for Biden D-Day adFive time draft dodger. That is all.

    Biden , the president of the Rule of Law, says he will not pardon Hunter if he is found guilty

    He also to his on rallygoers, "I don't care about you."

    A clear sign his mind is slipping….he told the truth!!

    When somebody flat out says that he doesn’t care about you, and you still support him, YOU ARE IN A CULT!

  5. World looks so stupid and so bizarre because we have stupid leaders, i can’t understand how we all are deep into trouble because of these stupid leaders. I don’t know how if we are more can allow to have leaders so morons and corrupt and be harmed by so few.

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