Mike Johnson Supports U.S. Weapons for Ukraine to Hit Russia


Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) on Wednesday signaled support for allowing Ukraine to use American-provided weapons to strike Russia or Russian-controlled territory.

The letter specifies that this authorization would enable Ukraine to strike “Russian-controlled territory” as well as Russian territory, marking a significant escalation in America’s ongoing proxy conflict with Russia.

This stance is not the first instance of Johnson adopting a strongly pro-Ukraine position.

Johnson has supported and facilitated the passage of the Rebuilding Economic Prosperity and Opportunity for Ukrainians Act (REPO Act). Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) has argued that this act could hinder a future Donald Trump presidency and potentially drive U.S. allies toward financial systems dominated by Russia and China.

“The REPO Act, currently under discussion in the House, would freeze existing Russia sanctions and require congressional action to alter them. House Republicans should not pass legislation that would impede Donald Trump’s ability to engage in diplomacy,” Vance stated.

  • Hampering the U.S. Treasuries markets and hindering America’s ability to meet debt obligations
  • Tying the hands of a future president, including former President Donald Trump
  • Empowering Russia and China at the expense of the U.S. financial system
  • Shielding the majority of the bill’s provisions from judicial review

Vance claimed that anti-Trump factions will use this to “control” the former president.

“I’ve heard multiple individuals who dislike Donald Trump argue that the REPO Act will be used to control him in the next administration. So why is a Republican House speaker advancing it through Congress?”

Sean Moran is a policy reporter. Follow him on Twitter @SeanMoran3.

Sean Moran
Sean Moran
Policy/Congressional Reporter focusing on health care, energy, and tech.

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