Migrant’s Surprising Revelation: “I Love Biden!”


Fox News’ Matt Finn provides details on the flow of migrants into California in the wake of President Biden’s recent executive action on the border.

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  1. What happens if the Republicans loose the election are these illegal immigrants going to attack us in every 50 states, because this ain’t making no sense, are some secretly illegal immigrants voting and if so does the FBI have a hand in this, I’m just curious because if Democrats win we know the election was rigged again and these illegal immigrants aren’t going back quietly especially the violence middle age men, I seriously think something bad is going to come out of this just be prepared.

  2. Yes, this is shocking. Just like when I discovered that if you spend eight hours in bed, it's called 'sleeping.' Turns out I've been practicing this bizarre ritual every night without even knowing its proper name!

  3. I just illegally crossed the border and I’m trying to get away with it so I can live my fantasy life in America…..I’ll start by taking to the guy with a large camera 🙄 you ppl are the sheep lol

  4. My immigrant ancestors had to work to provide for their families, these people don’t do anything.

    I’m the descendant of an indentured servant in the Virginia colonies who was named Thomas Oscar Wicker, when he immigrated to America he first indentured himself to the captain during his voyage to the colonies, and when he reached Virginia the captain sold his indenture that required him to serve for 4 years off to a Virginian colonist man named Richard Aylisse who after my ancestor’s contract was over refused to release him from his service and pay the required amount that was owed to him, so he responded by going to the court and was able to have the court rule in his favor to give him his property and his freedom.

  5. "…the fact that [Trump] would communicate to [Republicans] that he doesn’t want us to solve the border problem — because he wants to blame Biden for it — is really appalling,”

    – A Famous Republican

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