Microsoft’s Copilot Now Available on Telegram


Microsoft’s Copilot, a generative AI tool that creates text and answers specific questions, is now available as an in-app chatbot on Telegram, the instant messaging app.

Currently in beta, Copilot for Telegram enables you to interact with the AI chatbot as if you’re having a regular, one-on-one chat with a friend. It can answer a wide range of questions, from general ones like “What movie should I watch?” to specific ones like “What baseball game is on right now?”

You can access the bot by searching for its username, @CopilotOfficialBot. It’s free for Telegram users and available on both mobile devices and desktops. However, it requires your phone number to use.

Microsoft has integrated Copilot into several of its products, including Microsoft 365 and Teams, as well as AI-first hardware like Copilot+ PCs. The expansion of Copilot to third-party services like Telegram is significant and suggests that Microsoft aims to incorporate its AI chatbot into other social apps.

Other companies are also embedding AI chatbots into their messaging platforms. Meta recently confirmed that it’s testing Meta AI across Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Google’s Gemini rivals Copilot by allowing users to utilize the generative AI in Google Messages on Android devices. Meanwhile, Snapchat leverages ChatGPT to power its AI chatbot for responding to Snaps.

Lauren Forristal
Lauren Forristal
Senior Reporter. Lauren covers media, streaming, apps and platforms.

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