McEnany: This Is Highly Damning


‘Outnumbered’ panelists speculate about the motivation behind President Biden’s upcoming executive order on the border, which would reportedly allow him to close the border when illegal crossings reach a certain point.

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  1. Big Joe coming through with answers after the prior administration did jack squat on border security. Good job! At least somebody cares about America!😊❀❀

  2. The party of "law and order", who wanted HRC "locked up" thinks our judicial system is rigged! Which is it? Is Sleepy Joe a mastermind criminal or completely senile? Which is it? You can't have it both ways you idiots ! πŸ˜†

  3. If the Dems didn't steal the 2020 election and Biden really won. How can you say the voters are smart??????!!! Face it. If there are not more smart people than the dumb and immoral ones, When 2024 gets here we're done. Game over.

  4. We had a bipartisan border bill that would have solved many of the problems but phoney Donald Trump told Senate Republicans to reject it because it would make Joe Biden look good before the upcoming election. That shows you how serious Trump and the GOP are about this issue. They want it to REMAIN a problem so they can use it as a political issue. We're all being played by these con men.

  5. He left it until he let as many as is needed for votes and is now changing gears because of the upcoming election. He knew exactly what he was doing. It was done on purpose and the damage has been done!!

  6. In some former Soviet countries, Joe and
    " Dr. " Jill Biden would have been rounded up, tried in a
    " court of law" during the dead of night and by daybreak, sentenced to face a firing squad
    " of his peers."
    Just like Nicolae Cesceasau…

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