Kayleigh McEnany: We need to know who knew what and when


‘Outnumbered’ co-hosts discuss the significance of the Hunter Biden laptop in his trial despite silence from top Democrats and the media.

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  1. So like I said no one is going to prison till the world war 3 is over with heck we should be worrying about what hey gonna do to cilivns in world war tons of tape in world wars so the rump thing won’t important

  2. Why should I listen to any of you?🥷 Considering the fact that EVERY REPUBLICAN IN THE COUNTRY, is in open rebellion after having made constant public declarations of WAR, on behalf of the Russian government…..said war specifically….then opened fire on federal property at the Cincinnati FBI field office, the speaker of the houses husband, and numerous civilians. Said they would only accept democratic elections "if they win". Tommy Tuberville Withholding hundreds of military promotions after all of that.

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