Mark Levin: Biden is 'tyrannical'


Fox News host Mark Levin breaks down why another four years of President Biden would threaten the republic on ‘Life, Liberty & Levin.’

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  1. Ever notice how Trump NEVER testifies in court under oath where truth and facts matter, but he's more than happy to defend himself to the public? Why is that?

  2. …as was Donald in '16-'20, hence the Idiocracy.
    Idiocracy 2016-2028
    Idiocracy isn't the answer. Fighting for either Donald or Joe is absolutely ridiculous.
    Wallow in what you've created.

  3. Regarding joey's plagiarizing, the first part of joey's D-Day speech was almost word for word President Reagan's D-Day speech. He is still plagiarizing! Like lying, it seems to be in his DNA! I pray you will show both speeches – at least the first part. SHALOM and MARANATHA! 🙏❤️✝️✡️🇺🇲🇮🇱🎺⚖️

  4. Joe minion is not tyrannical, he's now a halfwit puppet. Who's running the show? .. All free nations should be run by commitee. Freedom requires everyone, EVERYONE, knows who the commitee is.

  5. That’s just the bully crying foul Levin. The authoritarian right is just upset we’re finally standing up to them. Too late if you ask me. It took a cleptofascist demagogue like Trump for Dems to say enough is enough.

  6. He IS Joe Stalin. Separation of powers only works if the doctrine is respected. Biden is shitting all over the Constitution and the U.S. Supreme Court. As long as there are no consequences, he will continue. We officially have our tyrant already.

  7. Would that be the President Joe Biden tyranny of student debt forgiveness?
    Perhaps you mean the tyranny of committing to the restoration of Roe v Wade & the bodily autonomy of women?
    Perchance Lying-levin is talking about the booming economy & record employment & better wages?
    I know,… Lousy-lying-levin is talking about all the infrastructure projects benefitting all communities, including those with maga-cult congress members that tried to block all that infrastructure?

  8. Joe Biden was supposed to be a uniter; a uniter of what. He's a corrupt influence peddling piece of crap who's gotten the country at risk of a major war because his influence peddling sided with Ukraine and made us an enemy of Russia.

  9. I don't think Biden knows what he is or doing. But his handlers and the democratic party are clearly leftist authoritarians. Hell bent on burning the country down so it can be built back in their image, ruled by them. That is why they want to take away the guns.

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