Marco Rubio: Biden Has Permitted This ‘Extremely Dangerous Situation’


Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., shreds the migrant crime wave and border crisis on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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  1. Independent Voters are not into Putin, Kim Jong Un, Viktor Orban or Republican Carnival Barkers.
    We will vote with the Democrats this time around to SAVE The AMERICA our fathers fought for !

  2. A half of 1% of 10m people is 50,000 people could be a lot of violent people or terrorists running around the US. If Rubio puts it at 5% of the 10m people allowed in the country that's 500,000 people that could only want to harm the US. Scary thought

  3. Everything the Biden Democratic party does is about staying in power. They don't care cartels are getting rich, drugs, terrorists, none of it matters, just their party in the white house is all that matters.

  4. Who could support this? If you don't like Trump, that's great. But how can you support the insane POLICIES of this administration? Doesn't POLICY trump rhetoric?

  5. Hunter bidin TOLD ON himself with all the evidence left around, EVERYTHING" and joe says, we will love and give all excuses we CAN FOR hunter, "crywolff" we get away with it, WITH FARSE A OR fake love, to make it look like, love rules, not crimes. Thry get away with ALL CRIMES, on just, look st us, were a loving family, how can u convict A HUNTER or a BIDIN , were TH BIDENS, come on man

  6. Just remember Felon Donnie could care less about you or the border. Only thing he cares about is being able to pardon himself. I’m not saying Alzheimer’s Joe is any better, he’s scrapping big time so that he can lame duck pardon his son.

    I’m sure this will get deleted in seconds by Fox because I’m not praising Trump with all my might… just remember everyone don’t get deluded by whatever political party you affiliate with the only thing Biden and Trump care about is their power of pardon and how it’ll benefit them. That is the status of the presidency I guess..

  7. Here’s the weird thing about the so-called Biden “crime family”. The head of the “crime family” isn’t facing a single charge. I mean NONE at all. Not even a misdemeanour! He must be much better at this criming thing than Donald 😂.

  8. Please worship the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, THE LORD GOD and try not to worry too much about the differences between the different religions and denominations, try to think about the similarities and the things they may have in common more than the differences. Daily prayer is a fundamental part that many people do not practice although it is encouraged

    "CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, LORD GOD,  I beg you to never force me to worship any false god or object and I ask you for forgiveness for my sins and immorality. Thank you for everything. Amen."

    Please pray this now, pray the words as you read them if you cannot look and remember them

  9. Trump lives for chaos! without the chaos he creates, promotes and promises in conservative ranks he would no longer exist on the political scene. He promised chaos to the GOP if it did not recognize him as its natural candidate and the cowards caved. Trump wanted the immigration chaos at the southern border to persist until November as his only electoral argument and nothing else matters to him and the GOP followed him in rejecting the bill. The Americans don't care! And the more insecurity there is, the more he thinks his chances are strengthened. You will see if unfortunately he is re-elected that immigration will no longer be such a busy subject for Fox except closer to the elections.

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