Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg holds news conference after Trump conviction


Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg addresses the guilty conviction of former President Trump in his New York criminal trial.

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  1. My judicial system looks corrupt and disgusting,No case and a lot riding on twice convicted liar..sad times..But some people are surprised?Im not this judge don’t let anything go Trumps way and is completely Bias!

  2. He better hurry up the Big Mac special ends soon at McDonald's. When you can't do anything else you become this guy. How can you brag when you know this will be overturned on appeal due to all your and the judge's mistakes. You pick the right jury in the right place, to get the desired outcome.

  3. I am not sad and in disbelief because Trump lost, I am sad and in disbelief because America lost. My heart has fallen. Soldiers died for our Constitutional rights. Trump was denied his rights to a fair and just trial. If you know anything about justice and court proceedings you should be in disbelief and sad, too. Whether Trump wins the 2024 election or not, this country is beyond returning to its former wholesome beliefs. Imagine the judge influencing the jurors and them believing Cohen. If they believe Cohen then they believe Biden was a truck driver, football player, and all his other lies and perjuries. We are corrupted. The haters will soon be sorry for what they wished for. Allies looked up to us for strength and hope. Now, there will be fallen countries around the world. I am sad for our younger generations.

  4. How this man shows his face is bewildering. He is a disgrace to Americans and to the fairness of the law. This Biden administration is corrupt and a disgusting disgrace to the western world.

  5. This is NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT HILERY, OBAMA AND THE BIDENS HAVE DONE AND ARE DOING..Your job was to target a man who is trying to save a nation from destruction. The world is laughing at you brag, and we feel sorry for you….. PRIDE ALWAYS COMES BEFORE THE FALL.

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