Man Found Guilty of Voter Fraud in NH and MA


An 85-year-old Massachusetts man could spend up to seven years in prison after a jury recently convicted him of voting twice in the 2016 general election, as announced by New Hampshire’s attorney general.

Records indicate that Richard Rosen has allegedly been voting in two different states for decades, with accusations dating back to the mid-1990s.

After three days of jury deliberations, Rosen was convicted on Friday on one count of wrongful voting. The jury found him guilty of casting ballots in more than one state, with officials reporting that he knowingly checked in at a polling place in Belmont, Massachusetts, after submitting an absentee ballot in the same election in Holderness, New Hampshire.

“The Department of Justice will continue to hold accountable those individuals who commit voter fraud and attempt to take advantage of our election systems,” New Hampshire Attorney General John Formella stated in a release on Monday.

Rosen faced charges in 2022 following a multi-year investigation initiated by the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office, as reported by He was flagged by the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program, which monitors possible multiple voter registrations across several states.

The report reveals that an investigator accused Rosen of voting in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire in both primary and general elections since the 1990s. Rosen, however, blamed ID fraud and another individual for the double voting allegations.

Patch reported that Rosen was registered to vote in Belmont, Massachusetts, since 1995, but was placed on the inactive list after failing to vote in several elections.

Rosen now faces a prison sentence ranging from three and a half to seven years, along with a $2,000 fine.

Jeff Arnold
Jeff Arnold
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