Man Allegedly Points AR-15 at Parent in Las Vegas School Road Rage Incident


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A man recounted to the police that he was picking up his daughter from school when another driver allegedly cut him off and brandished an AR-15, according to documents obtained by Truth Voices affiliate KLAS.

Alfred Pamintuan is facing multiple charges, including two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. The confrontation occurred around 1:30 pm on Tuesday, May 14, at Sierra Vista High School in the southwest Las Vegas valley.

A criminal complaint states that a parent was driving west toward Cimarron Road from Robindale Road when a black Tesla Model 3 allegedly cut him off. The parent claimed to have made eye contact with the driver, later identified as Pamintuan, who then allegedly raised a black rifle.

Upon seeing the firearm, the parent told Clark County school police that he stopped and allowed Pamintuan to proceed. Pamintuan then reportedly “raised up a loaded magazine” as he drove away, according to the criminal complaint.

The parent said he followed Pamintuan, whose younger brother attends Sierra Vista High School, and photographed the Tesla’s license plate to present to the police.

The man’s daughter reportedly skipped school the next day due to safety concerns.

The day following the incident, May 15, officers from the Clark County School District Police Department (CCSDPD) interviewed Pamintuan’s younger brother at Sierra Vista High School. The brother told an officer that Pamintuan “was upset and pulled out the black rifle and held it up and showed it to the man.”

The brother stated Pamintuan has “a temper” and keeps the AR-15 in his vehicle. He mentioned that his brother is an Uber driver and picks him up daily.

Court documents also detail a “ruse” devised by CCSDPD to apprehend Pamintuan. School administrators reportedly called Pamintuan to pick up his brother due to a “verbal altercation” on campus.

When Pamintuan arrived at Sierra Vista High School’s parking lot, police conducted a vehicle stop and the school was placed on a soft lockdown.

According to court documents, a black long assault rifle with a magazine was visible on the front right seat floorboard.

Pamintuan told police he reached into the backseat and grabbed his black rifle because he felt threatened by the parent. He denied pointing the gun at them, but admitted to “showing them the magazine,” according to documents obtained by KLAS.

Pamintuan posted bond and is scheduled to appear in court on June 18.

Joshua Peguero
Joshua Peguero
A proud New Yorker, Joshua was first introduced to journalism as a kid by his grandmother in West Harlem. She would watch local television news to learn how to speak English, having emigrated from the Dominican Republic. It’s a foundation that propelled him into this career. Joshua is a graduate of Columbia’s Journalism School and held internships at various TV news stations in New York City and at the financial newswire Thomson Reuters.

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