Maher: ‘I’m Fed Up with the Hatred’ in This Country


Fox News host Greg Gutfeld asks Bill Maher about the motivation behind his new book ‘What This Comedian Said Will Shock You.’

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  1. Well, gee Bill…YOU ARE ONE OF THE REASONS FOR IT!! Unless or until you mea culpa and apologize for fomenting the hate you now claim to have a problem with, then please FO, GTFO, and DIAF.

  2. ————— "you have to TALK to each other – and you have to HEAR the other side" ——— I don't think that can be emphasized enough for Conservatives ————- they do a lot of talking and not much else.

    Reminds me of the Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz ——- "Some people WITHOUT BRAINS do an awful lot of talking" ———– I always think of Conservatives when I hear that.

  3. How about the hateful movie you made against religion for starters? Or the how you wished the economy would fail during Trump's term?
    Or the raving and ranting fits he throws on his show?
    This guy is a garbage pail.

  4. Then Phil has to be tired of trump, republicans and their white nationalist neo-nazis white supremacists supporters. Because they are the only ones pushing hate and bigotry in America. That's all trump, republicans and their white nationalist neo-nazis white supremacists supporters have left. Republicans in Congress haven't done one thing to help Americans they are too busy with fake hearing, impeachments, investigating and fake conspiracy theories to protect their criminal leaders trump because they need his unhinged deranged white nationalist neo-nazis white supremacists supporters votes.

  5. You can find Bill at the top of the list for spreading hate. Every talk show host has been spreading hatred and division and now they are sick of it? You are free to hate whoever you want. But keep your ideology to yourself.

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