Madeline Brame Describes Trump’s Bronx Rally as ‘Magical’


Brexit activist Madeline Brame discusses the ‘electric’ energy that was in the air during the Trump rally in the Bronx on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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  1. It’s funny because she doesn’t realize that a lot of what she’s asking for is a part of the democratic platform. “Replace Guns with tools ” “better paying jobs with good benefits “ 😂

  2. 🇺🇲 TRUMP 2024 🇺🇲

    Wondering IF many black voters will listen to this woman? 🇺🇲 I hope they'll finally move
    OFF of the

  3. Trump brings in the crowd…look at the faces!! The Bronx is 96% black and/or Latino yet all of the audience in the first fifty rows was all white. Trump is a criminal and a racist who is out for Trump only, and he could care less about any of these minorities. He’s merely trying to stay out of prison like all criminals!

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