Louisiana Bill Proposes Physical Castration for Sex Offenders


Louisiana may soon allow judges the power to sentence convicted sex offenders to be physically castrated.

While chemical castration of convicted sex offenders is currently legal, Louisiana Senate Bill 371 would allow the court to sentence convicted child rapists to surgical castration. Currently, surgical castration is allowed, but only if the defendant voluntarily consents.

Chemical castration

In 2008, Louisiana enacted a law allowing the state to chemically castrate those convicted of certain sex crimes. Chemical castration involves the administration of hormonal drugs that reduce a person’s libido and sexual urges. The law also allows offenders to undergo physical or surgical castration if they give their voluntary consent.

In April, a Louisiana man was convicted of raping and impregnating a 14-year-old girl on four counts of second-degree rape. As part of his sentencing, which includes a 50-year stint in prison, Glenn Sullivan Sr., 54, will be physically castrated.

“Sex crimes against juveniles are the most malicious crimes we prosecute,” Assistant District Attorney Brad Cascio said in a statement. “I intend on using every tool the legislature is willing to give us, including physical castration, to seek justice for the children in our community.”

While Sullivan was sentenced to physical castration, Cascio said castration sentences in the state are rare.

Surgical castration

If passed, Senate Bill 371 would give the judge the option to order the physical castration of sex offenders in cases where the victim is 13 years old or younger, Democratic State Rep. Delisha Boyd told WWL-TV.

“I know the surgical castration seems excessive, I view the same for the 5-year-old, for the 10-year-old, for the 12-year-old,” Boyd said.

She continued, “If the offender refuses the procedure or chooses not to, he will most likely get a longer sentence. I would have liked to change that.”

Any offender under 17 years old would be excluded from any surgical castration.

The bill passed in the Louisiana House 74-24 and in the Senate 29-9, WWL-TV reported. The legislation is now headed to Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry’s desk where he will decide to sign into law or veto the bill.

Which other states have castration laws?

Alabama, California, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Texas and Wisconsin have similar castration laws that allow chemical castration of child sex offenders.

Similar bills have been proposed in other states, like New Mexico House Bill 128 which died in the House near immediately.

Oregon and Georgia used to allow the use of chemical castration but have since repealed these laws, according to a WTSP report.

Truth Voices affiliate WVLA contributed to this report.

Devan Markham
Devan Markham
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