Lights Out? Biden’s Bedtime Routine Raises Alarm


Presidential limitations were recently outlined by President Joe Biden, as he openly disclosed to Democrat lawmakers his inability to work past 8 p.m., citing the need for an early night’s rest. This admission has raised major concerns about his capacity to fulfill another four-year term in office.

The gravity of the situation was amplified after Biden’s lackluster performance at the recent debate against former President Donald Trump. His subsequent interview with ABC News only added to the unease, as he struggled to provide reassuring signs of his mental fitness for presidency.

CNN host Jake Tapper tackled the issue head-on, presenting an powerful montage of Biden’s incoherence. Tapper lamented the Democratic Party’s delayed acknowledgment of Biden’s dementia-like health, which has long been highlighted by right-leaning media outlets.

After the debate, Tapper continued his criticism of Biden, pointing out egregious errors, including a claim in which the president mistakenly designated himself as the first Black woman to serve alongside a Black president. “Not coherent,” Tapper retorted sharply.

The CNN host demonstrated no mercy in his criticism, emphasizing that Biden consistently fails to respond coherently during live events.

A recent national poll highlighted the growing unease among voters about Biden’s mental acuity, revealing that only 29 percent believe him capable of serving in office, against 61 percent who disagree.

Biden’s recent statement reiterating his bedtime routine has rekindled concerns about his endurance. A New York Post article pondered whether it’s acceptable for a chief executive to adopt a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-to-Friday schedule, while vacationing for over 40 percent of his presidency. The implication is clear: American leadership requires a 24-hour vigil, not a 2-year-old’s bedtime routine.

Sarah Arnold
Sarah Arnold
Staff writer.

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