Lifelong Democrat reacts to Biden interview: 'That didn't really even make any sense'


Lifelong Democrat voting for Trump Daniel Kotzin and former Democrat Cata Truss react to President Biden’s first sit-down interview post-CNN Presidential Debate on ‘Fox News @ Night.’

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  1. He’s an incompetent lifelong liar. Our nation is out of control and being led by a bunch of tyrants and criminals enriching themselves on the backs of the citizens and we are sick and tired of it to the point we’re going to vote for a guy like Trump because he’s all we’ve got.

  2. He won't drop out of the race because he is too afraid of his wife who is living the office of the President through her husband and what her reaction would be. It was once said that the most scariest thing in the world is an angry woman.

  3. He was mumbling and hard to understand in that interview too. Imagine in four years from now how he will be. He should complete this term and let someone else run instead. No one wants Kamala to take over now.

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