Libertarian Party Picks Chase Oliver for President


Political activist Chase Oliver has been named the Libertarian Party’s 2024 presidential nominee.

The final vote on Sunday night came down to Oliver or “none of the above” after author Michael Rectenwald was eliminated from contention. If Oliver were not chosen, the party would have had complications with their representation in November’s presidential election.

Oliver won the final vote with 60% supporting him, per Washington Post reporter Meryl Kornfield. In his victory speech, he asked his fellow party members to help him “fight the war machine,” including the “genocide in Gaza.” He also demanded the Israeli hostages held by Hamas be released.

Libertarian Party Picks Chase Oliver for President
FILE – Libertarian Chase Oliver, candidate for Georgia’s U.S. Senate seat, is shown in this file photograph taken during a debate in Atlanta, Ga., on Oct. 16, 2022. (AP Photo/Ben Gray, File)

Oliver chose economist Mike ter Maat as his running mate.

Neither presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump nor independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made it through the Libertarian Party’s nomination process on Sunday. Trump did not qualify as he is not a member of the party, and RFK Jr. did not receive enough votes in the first round of voting to continue to the next round and was eliminated.

First making his name by opposing the United States’ war in Iraq in 2003, Oliver was the Libertarian Party’s 2022 candidate for Georgia’s U.S. Senate seat. He finished a distant third place to Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) and GOP challenger Herschel Walker. Oliver’s campaign website touts the fact that he “garnered national attention” from debating Warnock (with Walker opting not to attend) and forcing a runoff between the Democrat and Republican.

He says that he “wants to bring a new vision to the broken two-party system as he runs for President of the United States.” Truth Voices reached out to Oliver for additional comment.

Conrad Hoyt
Conrad Hoyt
Conrad Hoyt is the overnight news editor. He covers breaking news and foreign policy, among other things. Conrad studied at the University of Oswego and Brooklyn College. Previously, he worked for WITN, a local TV news station in eastern North Carolina, where he expanded his reporting and producing skills.

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