'Liberal propaganda': Gen Z voters turn on Biden


Former Democrats Becky Oliveira and Grace Guentzel join ‘Fox & Friends’ to explain how they realized they each no longer identified with liberal ideals and politics.

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  1. Anyone ever notice, now ive said this before about 4yrs ago, but it warrants saying again. If you gave biden a wide brimmed preacher hat and the preacher collar hed look just like the evil dead preacher in poltergeist 2. Especially when he smiles. Eeesh that aint raight!

  2. Becky Oliveira, the first one is a republican. She is the director of communications at the young Republicans club of NY. These are not democrats, they are die hard republicans. Fox is lying to you so you keep watching them.

  3. 😂It’s been 30 years since “Dumb and Dumber” hit screens, and on Thursday morning, actor Jeff Daniels celebrated by “revealing” a secret — he based his character in the movie off of Eric Trump.

  4. Here's the more important question at this point: How many life-long Republicans will be able to bring themselves to vote for the disgraced ex-president? The future of the once-respected Party of Lincoln is at stake here. Fiscal and social conservatives need to be part of our political and legislative process by way of intelligent and informed debate. Trumpers aren't capable of that.

  5. Biden was installed by a corrupt Demonrat party, they are so scared the truth will put, Nancy's millions, Hillary's lies, Bills dickings, the FBI being the second tier of money laundering, Hunters personal stash cheating his children, all these enquiries against trump, where did the money come from. S*"it the puppet can't wipe his own arse. My comments are heart felt true and without proof. But if it stinks and the people can see it. Where's the millionaire Demon rats.

  6. Sixteen Nobel prize-winning economists are jumping into the presidential campaign with a stark warning: Former President Trump's plans would reignite inflation and cause lasting harm to the global economy.

  7. Trump will lose the debate! Just ask some of the following questions;
    Why he overturned Roe V Wade?
    What the ten commandments are and how do they guide him in his daily life?
    What is the best way to honour the service men and women who have sacrificed so much for the USA?
    Why Trump sort to block Biden's attempts to resolve the issues at the Mexican Border?
    How to handle a pandemic?
    How government works?
    How an economy works?
    Who won the last election?
    What happened on Jan. 6th?
    Who Nancy Pellossi is?
    Who Nicky Haley is?
    Who Hannibal Lecter is? And why is he the "late great Hannibal Lecter"?
    How many world wars have there been?
    Is it safe to inject bleach?
    How his wife and children are? And what are their names?

  8. I voted for the first time in 1980 having just became eligible. I foolishly listened to the media and voted for Carter. Thankfully, smarter voters than me voted for Reagan. It takes time for a young person to learn to stop and think about reality and not listen to media.

  9. This is why a burger costs $5-$10

    In 2022, Domino's ranked as the most-advertised restaurant chain in the United States, with a measured media ad spend of 774 million U.S. dollars. McDonald's came in second with a spending of 638 million dollars in measured media advertising. Wendy's followed with 538 million dollars. Sep 4, 2023
    These ads pay the million dollar salaries that Hannity, Gutfeld, Ingraham and others get from fox
    Thats why networks like FOX have a problem with Gavin Newsome its going to cut into their salaries once these companies are forced to cut prices

  10. Please, Fox viewers. Take time to watch one complete tRump rally speech. Is he really someone you trust the life and safety of your family with? Enjoy him on reality TV and podcasts, but he is not fit to run this country

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