Levin: The Ultimate Goal is to Sway the Election


‘Life, Liberty, and Levin’ host Mark Levin discusses the precedent set by former President Trump’s felony conviction.

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  1. Who are these juryers ? That is destroying
    our Constitution of the United States. These corrupt Judges the bad seed a Judas.
    That is making the American citizens into a banana 🍌 Republic ungodly woke beliefs.
    Their Jealousy 👺. Yest The Supreme Court needs to reverse what these dark souls 🖤 have done to the American citizens the Interference of our United States Election for Presidency seat..God sees all !

  2. Dear mr levin , Unfortunately we have lazy Republicans who only talk and waiting for miracle , we need young agile and fast Republicans to understand the meaning of the war it’s not a party it’s a war against freedom and constitution in this country

  3. Actually l was surprised by the guilty on all counts verdict, not that trump wasn't patently guilty, but that there are 12 americans prepared to do thier truthful public duty and not behave like maga or fox hosts …any one if those 18 jurors could have created a hung jury and immediately become a right wing media sensation, book deal, radio talk back, thier own show on fox, made millions the way trump would have, but incredibly some americans still believe in truth justice and the american way

  4. Levin: The whole point of this is to influence the election.
    Levin: Here is a list of state senators. Remember to call each and every one of them to demand that they refuse to certify the results of the 2020 election! I know it sounds like I'm trying to influence the election, but trust me bros, I'm just trying to hold people accountable.

  5. Oh, really, MARK?!!… I think you mean the election interference Trump was just convicted for because the evidence proved he did it, and that it likely helped Trump dishonestly defeat Hillary!

    You people are literally allergic to honesty!!

  6. The American people now knows what a political COUP does to a nation.
    This action by this administration has forced America's hand. To be clinched!
    This proves by any shadow of a doubt that this coup to take over "our government " has been in the works for some time. Since 21 January 2021 with the first 24 executive orders was signed that told you the course of corruption was established.
    The second thing that happened was to use a ponzi scheme to funded it. At that was to take the depleting of the taxpayers coffers to funded it.
    This day starts the new RW2.
    the declaration of independence a document that is a legal guide to what this nation should do when terrany takes over a sovereign nation.
    This administration from the start has shown what Americans should do when destruction of freedom has been shredded of its rights.
    My opinion doesn't matter anymore, however freedom is always on everyone's mind. And should be addressed to the fullest extent!

    I am a man of mature age,
    I have integrity,
    I have knowledge ,
    I have strength,
    And above all I have honor.
    These 5 things in my life makes me who I am.

    As in my mature age of existence I've have never seen a political party become America's first political coup!
    I have never seen a political party desecrate America's values, it's history of past and future accomplishments.
    Or have a whole nation of real Americans feel for the same things, like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And this party made it go away with one verdict.
    You see a coup in any form. Has one objective.
    To take over a government, control a country, and impower there will over it's subjects.
    I always hate to be political, i can't stand it. i don't vote and that's my choice! However some say you do not have a voice you gave up that right!
    This is true. However you don't need "a vote" to express what freedom really is! You see no matter who you vote for someone loses. And in this administration we all lost. They say my vote will make a difference, the question is did yours?
    What this administration did was to circumvent its voting regulations to sway a single party advantage. Plain and simple.
    So here we stand. 41 months into this so called government "of theres".
    What has America gain?
    I've been saying this since 21 January 2021. When I read all 24 executive orders that joe has personally signed. That day set the stage of what the outcome of the Schrade political interference this party has bestowed on this nation.
    And it hasn't stopped yet.
    So on this day 30 may 2024 showed the world what a political coup can desecrate a nation of citizens of freedom.
    But today 31 may 2024. Is the first day of America pride. RW2 is what today a new revolutionary war two, to bring back life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, freedom and above all constitutional laws.
    You might not see them, you might not feel the strength they have to take on such a task. But you can rest assure there right beside you. When it's time to protect our values.
    So my words to you is.
    Be very vigilant in your surroundings.
    Be weary of false hopes.
    Be a guardian to others.
    And above all have honor, wisdom and knowledge. And never let this ever happen again on this soil we call America.
    WD 2024.

  7. What will become of our Democracy. The Democrats are socialist, & the Republicans have a pide piper running for president. This won't be sustainable overall, nor advantageous for all Americans in general. We have become "radically" divided as a nation. I don't want Biden for another 4 years, nor an aged – one term president with trump. If we can't get someone to replace Trump I may not vote at all. This whole political system has become God- less!!
    What we need is as Elon Musk said recently who he'd vote for, his answer was "Why can't we have someone normal"! Maybe not voting will be the moral decision to make at this juncture. And we wonder why many voters in America don't vote anymore! We need a DeSantis or Ramaswamy – period!

  8. Mark Levin is called the great one. Great what the only great I see is the babies whining on this program. Poor Donny got 34 felonies. Your embarrassing yourselves with all this flaunting over trump.

  9. No the whole point is to try and convict a criminal like any other criminal. You keep on complaining about a two tier justice system and now finally the Trump conviction show nobody is above the law


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