Leo Terrell: The Bidens Exerted ‘Tremendous Amount of Influence’ on Hunter’s Jury


Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell discusses Hunter Biden’s federal trial as opening arguments are set to begin.

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  1. The whole thing is set up! If anyone in the jury goes against hunter for a conviction they will be dealt with like you will disappear! Ole Jill is in there making sure hunter will walk Scott free ! This is like a bad soap opera being played out with the mafia and machine guns pointed at them

  2. So now Hunter should have a ALL REPUBLICAN jury and judge just to make it fair.!!
    Hunter is totally guilty with all the pics and recordings of him doing his ILLEGAL acts!!
    Guilty!! Lock him up!!

  3. Well, unlike the Trumpster's trial, the Bidens are showing up for Hunter. Where was Melania?Where was Ivanka? 👀
    Americans are family- oriented so this display of support for Hunter is good to see.
    By the way, where was this analysis during the Trumpster's trial? 👀

  4. Hunter biden is a worthless grifting drug addict, a man who bedded his dead brothers sister and denied his own daughter because her mother wasnt bidens type of person.
    Sickeningly disgusting poor example of a human being

  5. I thought (most people) got tossed in jail for non payment of child support. And if I got caught with an illegal gun with coke dust all over it, I would just assume, I would be in a jail cell. But that's just me because our mental p-resident says "no one is above the law"

  6. If not guilty then every one who in prison for this same stuff needs to be freed.Same as Fannie willis know perjury and use of campaign FUNDS is know legal they have case law know!!!

  7. Ashley Bidens Diary has been authenticated.

    There is a quote from her diary recollecting why she was hypersexualized as a young girl,

    " showers with her dad" (creepy Joe),

    and "being turned on when she shouldnt be"
    Creepy Joe is a PIG

  8. My question is, I keep hearing that he had a Colt Cobra.38 which is a "revolver". But then show pictures from Hunter's laptop of him clearly holding an "AUTOMATIC" that looks to be probably 9mm maybe Walther or something similar??????🤨

  9. Joe you caused all of your families troubles no one brought these to you and we know its all a show when your son needs to be locked up for good along with you, barack, and billery. You are a treasonest you are a trader.

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