Ledger Begins Shipping Its Premium Crypto Wallet


Ledger, a French startup primarily recognized for its secure crypto hardware wallets, has begun shipping new wallets nearly 18 months after the announcement of the latest Ledger Stax devices.

The refreshed wallet boasts an E-Ink display and was developed in collaboration with Tony Fadell, a principal designer behind the iPod. E-Ink technology is commonly used in e-book readers like the Amazon Kindle or the Rakuten Kobo because the displays are visible in daylight and consume minimal power.

After fulfilling all pre-orders, the company will offer the Ledger Stax on its website once more stock is available. The delay in the hardware wallet’s release is attributed to the company potentially overestimating the design complexity. The Ledger Stax incorporates a curved E-Ink display, which proved more challenging than anticipated to produce at scale.

What sets the Ledger Stax apart from Ledger’s other wallets, the Nano S Plus and the Nano X, is the larger display with a secure touch screen that directly interacts with the device’s secure element. This is intended to be more user-friendly than the arrow buttons on other Ledger devices.

While the Nano S Plus operates exclusively with a USB-C cable, both the Nano X and Stax are equipped with Bluetooth. This allows users to initiate a crypto transaction from their phone and validate it on the crypto wallet wirelessly.

Aiming at high-end customers, Ledger sold the Ledger Stax for €279 during the pre-order phase (approximately $300 at the current exchange rate). The final retail price has not been confirmed, so you’ll need to wait until it’s available again on their website.

The curved display allows customers to showcase information on the device’s spine, even when it’s powered off. This feature could be particularly beneficial for businesses and individuals with multiple hardware wallets who wish to stack them. Additionally, the Ledger Stax features built-in magnets for easy alignment and supports Qi wireless charging.

In terms of security, all Ledger products are built around a secure element where the private keys are securely stored. These keys never leave your crypto wallets, meaning your assets remain safe even if your computer or phone is compromised. However, it’s important to note that most crypto hacks are phishing attempts, which Ledger cannot protect you against.

If you lose your device, you can recover your wallet using a secret recovery phrase. Additionally, the company offers a subscription service for those uncomfortable with managing recovery phrases.

The Ledger Stax introduction also signals the start of a production partnership with Foxconn, a major consumer electronics manufacturer. Previously, Ledger assembled its devices in Vierzon, France. However, the Nano S Plus and Nano X devices will continue to be produced in Vierzon.

Ledger claims to have sold over 6 million devices to date, securing approximately 20% of the world’s crypto assets.

Image Credits: under a Ledger license.
Romain Dillet
Romain Dillet
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