Lawyers for Former NFL Player Daniel Muir and His Wife Argue Illegal Detention


Cass County, Ind. – Attorneys representing Daniel Muir, a former NFL player, and his wife, Kristen, are claiming that the couple is being illegally held in jail without bond. The couple was arrested last week on charges of obstruction of justice and domestic battery, stemming from an investigation into allegations of child abuse.

The investigation, led by the Indiana State Police, began after Kristen’s mother reported that her 14-year-old grandson had a black eye and had been beaten by his father. When authorities attempted to locate the child, the Muirs were uncooperative and refused to provide information about their son’s whereabouts. The child was eventually found safe during a raid on the Muirs’ property, a religious compound in Logansport.

Daniel Muir, a former defensive tackle for the Indianapolis Colts, was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice and domestic battery. Kristen Muir was also arrested and charged with obstruction of justice. The couple has been held in the Cass County Jail without bond.

In a petition for writ of habeas corpus, attorney Nathan Vining argues that the couple’s detention is illegal and unconstitutional. Vining claims that the couple is entitled to bail because they are not accused of a serious offense such as murder or treason. He also argues that the denial of bail is a punitive measure that imposes harsh conditions on the couple without a trial or conviction.

The petition was filed in Cass County Superior Court #2 and is scheduled to be heard on July 16. The Muirs’ next court date is also scheduled for July 16.

The investigation into the Muirs’ property has raised concerns about the religious group, Straitway Indiana Goshen, which is registered as the owner of the property. The group, which is based in Tennessee, describes itself as a “nation of Hebrew Israelites” and has been accused of being a cult by some. The group’s official YouTube page features a video of Daniel Muir preaching to a crowd.

The Muirs’ lawyers have denied any wrongdoing and claim that the couple is being unfairly targeted. Pastor Charles Dowell, who leads Straitway Truth, has also spoken out against the allegations, claiming that the news reports and police reports are inaccurate.

The case is ongoing, with the Muirs’ next court date scheduled for July 16.

Joe Schroeder
Joe Schroeder
Joe Schroeder reports on crime, breaking news and more in areas across central Indiana. Joe is an Indianapolis native, growing up on the south side and continuing to live there today. A graduate of Indiana University, he has previously worked in other Indiana markets such as Bloomington, Terre Haute and Brown County. He is always down to catch a movie at AMC or play a game of pick-up basketball.

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