If we get this, we will win, says Trump legal spokesperson


Trump Legal Spokesperson Alina Habba weighs in on the New York v. Trump case ahead of closing arguments.

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  1. Never ever heard about a jury with 2 lawyers sitting on. They normally know just the words to keep them off a jury. The fix is in and the appeal isnt going to come fast. At least the BS will go to the press for the spin cycle and become thin soup quickly.

  2. I would say that Trump is a metaphor for this channel because they are turnover in mass shootings etc for a man with female children that says he is buried in a female instead of the earth. And I believe if I move back to Dalton Georgia that they would behave because they have a president election in a few months when Biden will be announced as president

  3. The weak deep state psy bots are sent here to confuse people for Barrack Hussein Obama, his Puppet and the Demoncrat Party. When you reply to them, you end up getting censored. The paid bots also do other lame tricks which will get revealed later on. Black magic is one of them. That's how desperate and weak they are.

  4. This is the true definition of a tyrannical government. And if a former president can be charged with this kind of nonsense, and potentially convicted, what happens to the average citizen having the same thing happening? Daniel Penny and the bodega owner, etc., should scare the hell out of everyone.

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