Laura Ingraham Urges: It’s Time to End the Chaos


Fox News host Laura Ingraham breaks down why President Biden should not be given four more years to ‘destroy the integrity’ of the U.S. federal courts on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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  1. She wants to be a judge yet put a man that thats a repeat rapist in a womans prison. Just because when in jail said i a woman i want to go to a woman's prison. Sounds to me he wanted easy prey and that woman granted it to him. When the prison board was against it. The woman that agreed to help into a womans prison needs servere help she is not thinking of the safety of people.

  2. America became a full mad house been run by ill people……….this is not the USA i grew in, i dont recognize this at all. where is the toughness, the proudness, the respect, sanity gone………

  3. Hey Binder if this person was qualified to be a judge tell us all why a man wanted to be put in a woman's prison tell you what not only does the decision lack Common sense but Common sense would tell anyone that something would happen and it did so fact here YOU would be disqualified pure and simple way to go to Senator Kennedy for exposing this sham

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