Laura Ingraham: Democrats Have Never Acknowledged This


Fox News host Laura Ingraham reacts to Democrats calling out Justice Samuel Alito for allegedly flying a historical flag on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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  1. The People at the top are the ones that have put all the conservative shows together and are working against all of you 24'7. If I were you, I would crash Fox News by creating your on News Network! The only reason their on the air with good ratings is because your conservative shows.

  2. Ask Laura Ingram what happened to Joe Biden being a criminal and got billions of dollars from foreign governments. Fox fake news and Republicans said they had all kinds of evidence of Joe Biden taking bribes but there's still no impeachment of Joe Biden. So Sad So Sad. Fox fake news and Republicans and. their racist bigoted white nationalist neo-nazis white supremacists domestic terrorists base should be ashamed of themselves for spreading lies and fake conspiracy theories.

  3. AOC your makeup is looking way too dramatic
    Less eyebrow makeup
    Just a little bit of eyeliner a little bit of light lipstick and you're good to go.
    Back to school understand what the Constitution is understand what the great United States of America has done for Cuban immigrants such as your families and what your family escaped from and then come back to Congress
    Understand that our borders cannot be wide open its sustained and how did you go from a
    Broke bartender to having 28 million in your account
    And everybody knows that you have been seeing Hunter Biden that is no secret you've been sneaking around with him for quite a while now
    That's why Joe Biden giving you so much attention.
    Your bodyguard is not your boyfriend Hunter Biden is your boyfriend AoC we know the truth.

  4. My dad was in the Coast Guard in WW2. He was on Omaha Beach on D Day. He taught me "flag language " A flag upside-down is a signal of distress. If the USA is anything, it is under DEEP DISTRESS. Mine is upside-down, too.

  5. True Americans ~ MAGATS have never accepted this 👉🏼 America elected President Biden 🇺🇸🦅🫡. Instead, they keep making up excuses and tinfoil theories for the 🍊🤡🫵😂

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