Lara Trump: This Judge Is a Source of Shame and Embarrassment for America


RNC co-chair Lara Trump joins ‘Fox & Friends’ to argue Judge Juan Merchan is a ‘hero’ for the left and discuss possible campaign strategies after the verdict is announced.

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  1. The intent was to put Trump on display and bring shame and ignominious shadows to his reputation. Instead? The opposite has occurred. The country is rallying behind Trump, and those blatantly exposed and shamed are the criminals running this abomination.

  2. A man crush ? MSNBC has had smiles on since the beginning of the week . There is nothing funny about this trial. President Trump's Constitutional rights have been violated.
    President Trump is innocent. Most people would not be able to take this . Joe Biden wouldn't have lasted 2 days .

  3. Disbarment and charges for litigious abuse await this criminal judge. These idiots and their drunken power delusions have made a tremendous miscalculation. The justice train rolls slowly, but destruction comes suddenly.

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