Lakers Coach: Bronny James Earned His Spot Through Hard Work


The Los Angeles Lakers are pushing back against claims that they drafted Bronny James, the son of LeBron James, due to his father’s influence. During a press conference, new Lakers coach J.J. Redick emphasized that Bronny earned his spot through hard work and dedication.

Bronny himself acknowledged the increased pressure and scrutiny surrounding his selection, but said he’s used to dealing with similar doubts throughout his life. He expressed excitement about the opportunity to showcase his skills and improve his game with the Lakers.

When asked about playing alongside his father, Bronny emphasized that it wasn’t the primary motivator for declaring for the NBA. Instead, he was drawn to the Lakers’ developmental system and the chance to get better every day. While the prospect of sharing the court with his father is certainly exciting, it wasn’t the main driver of his decision.

Despite the unusual circumstances surrounding his selection, Bronny is eager to prove himself on the court. With an average of less than five points per game in college and not starting, he defies traditional NBA draft profiles. As the basketball world watches the father-son pairing, one thing is certain: Bronny James is determined to make a name for himself.

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