LA Democrats Turn on Biden: ‘We’d Be in Trouble if He Stayed in’


Frustrations with President Joe Biden’s performance on the campaign trail have sparked disappointment among longtime Democrats, with many now demanding he withdraw from the 2024 presidential race.

Concerns over the president’s cognitive abilities have been raised by voters and experts alike, with the LA Times reporting that even in some of the most Democratic-leaning parts of Los Angeles, individuals are questioning his viability as a candidate.

“We’d be in trouble if he stayed in,” said a Biden supporter from the liberal city. “His performance was a joke… He’s no longer the person he was supposed to be.”

Another voter concurred, suggesting that Biden needs to step aside and allow another Democrat to take the reins. “Time to place bets on Trump. You’re not supposed to be stuttering and stumbling during a debate, Mr. President.”

LA has historically been a stronghold for the Democrats, with 71% of residents backing Biden in 2020. However, that may be changing, as some now admit to being “embarrassed” by the president’s performance, particularly after his debate against Trump.

With various Democrats calling for Biden’s departure from the race, family members such as First Lady Jill Biden and Hunter Biden, who was convicted of criminal charges, are urging him to remain.

A new poll from the New York Times/Siena College shows Trump leading Biden by six points among likely voters following the debate. Additionally, a JL Partners poll revealed that 70 percent of Independent voters want Biden to withdraw from the 2024 race, while only 32 percent of Democrats disagree. Biden’s debate performance seems to have benefited former President Trump, with 44 percent of Independents now planning to vote for Trump, an increase of four points post-debate.

Sarah Arnold
Sarah Arnold
Staff writer.

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