Kevin O’Leary: This Issue Will Impact Voting Outcomes


Investor Kevin O’Leary discusses the attainability of owning a home and lingering inflation on ‘Sunday Night in America.’

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  1. You buy a starter home as your 1st home not your retirement home. Anyway, I don't feel sorry for the college children. They wanted a free handout and it's going to bite them in the you know what so badly for the rest of their lives.

  2. Dreary O' Leary thinks New York will suffer because it refuses to allow criminals to crime. One good thing about a potential second Trump term though – we may be able to deport Dreary O' Leary back to Canada. That's a win for America.

  3. Stop the drama! Just Vote Trump2024-2028 like me Proud Black Woman Christian conservative New Yorker Voting 3rd time for President Trump2024-2028 Saving Our Country Again 🙏💪! Democrats get emotional, Don't be like them!

  4. Many wealthy foreign investors from the Arab oil and banking countries , India, Red China, etc are forming conglomerates small to gigantic buying up US residential real estate as investments driving the prices higher and higher.
    Of course the Democrats have allowed this through their fiscal policies as they are owned by these countries global elitiest.

  5. Perhaps you talk about the real danger.
    Joe Biden is going to get many more Americans killed.
    Cuba is 120 miles off the Florida coast.
    There are 8 Russian warships just to the north of them.
    You can see them if you're in the Florida keys.
    China has a facility in Cuba.
    Use your heads.

  6. A lot of the problem is just purely people screwing over people. In Florida even the rent for housing is way beyond what any 1 person in their 20's or so can afford, it's really sad!

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