Kevin McCarthy Doubts Biden Will Step Down, Citing Wife’s Influence


Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has weighed in on the debate surrounding President Joe Biden’s potential replacement as the Democratic nominee, stating that he believes Biden will not step down from the race.

According to McCarthy, Biden will remain the nominee because his wife, Jill, does not want him to step aside. McCarthy, who frequently negotiated with Biden during his time as Speaker, joked that he learned that negotiating with Biden was futile, as the president would often discuss cars rather than making deals.

McCarthy’s comments come as Democratic strategists and voters have expressed concerns about Biden’s performance in the presidential debate against former President Donald Trump. Biden’s slow movements, difficulty speaking, and loss of train of thought have sparked speculation that he may need to be replaced as the nominee.

Some Republicans have suggested using the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office, while The New York Times editorial board has called on Biden to step down, stating that it would be the best chance to protect the nation’s soul.

McCarthy attributed Biden’s struggles to his age, stating that it’s not just what he says, but his actions, which he believes have changed significantly over time.

Keely Bastow
Keely Bastow
Associate editor of breaking news. Keely’s previously worked at Axios and Washingtonian and holds a master’s in journalism from American University.

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