Kellyanne Conway: Trump is unifying the Republican party


Fox News contributor Kellyanne Conway discussed Trump’s campaign focusing on winning key swing states and said his VP pick shouldn’t distract from conversations about concerns with Biden’s ability to serve.

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  1. Every good/decent American patriot deserves to be compfortable,if not rich.We hoped 45 can deliver the basic necessities to us.Because Biden and his cabinet members has already proven themselves complete failures.🤨

  2. In a twisted way, the Democrats unified the Republican Party. Their constant psychotic attacks on Trump made him so popular that no one in the GOP can challenge him. Thank dopey Democrats!

  3. The men of our country have been completely humiliated and dehumanized. The men have been targeted by the government and all of the institutions and all of their bureaucracy leaving their children without homes or father's and the women useful idiots.

  4. It's not about who you bring over to vote for you but where they are that matters. If you gain 100000 votes in a state you lost by 1 million votes last time or won by 100000 votes last time it doesn't matter. He needs those people in states like Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania where he lost by a percentage point or so.

  5. 16 Nobel Prize-winning economists warn Trump would ‘reignite’ inflation
    Joseph E Stiglitz and other Nobel laureates say former president threatens US’s standing in the world.

  6. The Republican party lost the popular vote in the last few presidential elections, trump added 7 TRILLION to the national debt and Red states being the most dependent on Obamacare seems to go over maga heads.

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