Kayleigh McEnany: These numbers don't lie


The ‘Outnumbered’ panel discussed the contrast between Trump and Biden’s campaigning as the current president struggles to garner support among Black voters.

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  1. Actual numbers may not lie, but she is more than willing to, to the point where she actually doesnt realize thats what she is doing, just like that clip of trump lying his face off.

  2. Trump is better on women's rights. Biden's support of the trans issue favors female impersonators not actual women who have lost so many opportunities and male free spaces.

  3. Unless you have a lot of money, thet last 3 years have been tough. And that is mild compared to the wars and conflicts the Democrats have brought on the world. Great economic times and No wars makes Donald J Trump's record the clear choice for President November 2024! 👍

  4. Hollywood is a joke and I’m especially disgusted by Julia Robert’s…I thought she was smarter than that…Obama and Clooney acted as expected. Obama hates America and I voted for him twice…I’m sick to my stomach for that too!

  5. Could you imagine trying to be fooled into thinking that a silver spoon millionaire is some type of populist
    Get out of your feelings and think a little
    Especially while screaming the loudest that facts don't care about your feelings

  6. FOX! This exact message needs to be on REPEAT for all people living in the USA. It’s highly important for people to see the contrast of how the corrupt are trying to utilize people who can’t even relate to us. This tactic from the democrats is backfiring already, why didn’t they think this through? They need to use their brains.

  7. So many good actors that I have lost all respect for… nothing left to see for fun. I have no problem with celebs personel political views as that usually is not my business, but supporting JB is a new low. Not even taking into consideration his horrible politics and actions, how can Roberts support a man that can barely walk and speak continuing as our president? Clooney is a lost cause as he is literally sleeping with the enemy 🙊🙉🙈

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