Kayleigh McEnany issues warning: ‘We need to take this seriously’


‘Outnumbered’ panelists discuss growing concerns about the border and national security under President Biden despite his recent executive order.

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  1. Yes bad people are in our country. Careful, don’t let politicians scare you out of your freedom. They used C in 2020, I’m not falling for their BS this go round. All this πŸ’© makes me hate the entire political system. We The People gotta take our freedom back, us together is much more powerful than they are.

  2. Wait?? You're thanking the FBI ??
    You mean the same FBI that has been working in cahoots with Biden?
    This is a show!! The so called FBI. must stand for F**KING Biden Ignorance group!!

  3. Who was blasting BeBe/Israel for being unprepared for the Hamas attack are the same ones who have opened our border allowing, intentionally, 100,000s of bad actors in. Biden is traitor to our nation.

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