Kayleigh McEnany: I’d Be Shocked if Hunter Biden Doesn’t Accept Plea Deal Before Facing Tax Charges


‘Outnumbered’ co-host Kayleigh McEnany considers President Biden’s view on Hunter Biden’s guilty verdict on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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  1. He's a draft dodger!' Veterans mince no words in Trump takedown for Biden D-Day adFive time draft dodger. That is all.

    Biden , the president of the Rule of Law, says he will not pardon Hunter if he is found guilty

  2. Notice how Trump supporters and Fox News suddenly believe in the rule of law, even though the conviction happened in Delaware. Oh, but they think the jury is corrupt in New York against Trump. Also, noticed how Biden isn't attacking the judge or the jury.

  3. . A tale of two families: Trumps hide and Bidens unite in face of criminal trials

    Donald Trump Compared to Cult Leader Jim Jones After Claiming MAGA Supporter Would 'Commit Suicide' Before Voting for Joe Biden

  4. Joe Biden has aided and abetted an invasion of the United States by foreign nations through his border policies. He should be tried for treason against the United States. And maybe he and his drug addicted son can share a jail cell together for a little quality father son time.

  5. England is just full of junkies and stupid awful immigrants everywhere it's terrible and on top of that in alot of towns and city's u can't even make money even a poor wage and everything is expensive the pakies and indians got it right they came too england got everything for free didn't have 2 pay for anything and they have got sweet shops everywhere making loads of money from the indian and pakie whole sellers

  6. What ever happens in any of these case daddy dolt will pardon baby dolt before he leaves office or retains the oval! I had a acquaintance that owed 100k to the IRS he pled out and paid back 85k the day of the plea deal. He still had to go to jail for 2 months. He was let out at 6 am to work back in at 6pm each evening!

  7. Win or lose I predict at some point after the election Joe WILL pardon Hunter.

    OR, since Joe seems to be fading fast, if the Democrats replace him as the nominee, he will pardon Hunter.

    So it'll be under one of those three circumstances (win, lose or is replaced), when he no longer is susceptible to any political ramifications.

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