Kayleigh McEnany: Biden is watching this closely


Senior congressional correspondent Chad Pergram reports the latest from Capitol Hill.

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  1. What a waste of time all these congressional hearings are. All these investigations all this proof of Biden crimes. Yet not one single real charge or prosecution of Biden or any Democrat

  2. Mr Hur knows the facts. He already stated it clearly, Mr Biden would appear as a forgetful caring grandpa to a jury; and that ( a ) crime(s) was committed. (Regarding classified documents)
    Note: I know this comment will be labeled a lie. (truth most of the time does) so what! Ask Mr Hur, before labeling the comment so.

  3. Garland wanted a job on the supreme court but Trump did not nominate him – that's why he's been so anti-GOP. And you have already been intimidated by Hillary and Joe, grow some balls, Garland Your grandchildren want to see gramps is more of a man than you display.

  4. King Biden is allowed to weaponize anything to harm Americans, because we're UNDER his ruling. Joe then sneakily robbed our $ & weapons to "aide" Ukraine(which is forever, $$$) CONGRESS failed check/balance, so dysfunctional rep must GO!

  5. Biden is trying to act like he is doing his job. What a clown Biden’s administration is near election and now watch him act like he never allowed illegal immigrants in.

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