Kayleigh McEnany: Americans don't believe Biden has the mental acuity to be president


Fox News co-host Kayleigh McEnany reacts to unedited footage the White House has called ‘cheap fakes’ on ‘The Story.’

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  1. When we win the White House and both houses of Congress in November we need to implement every borderline legal measure we can think of that favors the Republican party. We've seen the Democrat Party blueprint and it's time we play their game.

    List of things to do:

    1. Import 10 million + more illegal immigrants make sure they know they are getting citizenship from the Republican Party. We'll pass out t-shirts that say "vote red if you want to stay here" when they cross the border.

    2. Give them rewards for coming here. Free living expenses. Fly them around the country to red states to build up the census and get more congressional seats for congress.

    3. Further extend the Supreme Court with 3 new young justices that are hard liner conservatives.

    4. Jail political opponents, Lock up their attorneys for the crime of being their attorneys.

    5. Make it illegal for democrats to voice their concerns about any legislation that we pass.

    6. Monitor Democrat campaigns using the NSA, FBI and CIA.

    7. Plant evidence on people that we perceive to be a threat to our power. Put them through show trials (with gag orders of course) for the illusion of fairness. Make it illegal for them to voice their concerns about the trials.

    8. Remove all left leaning judges in state courts. Fire all left leaning DA's. Then hold elections for the illusion that the people get a choice but really preselect who we want to be justices.

    9. Change laws whenever they impede our ability to prosecute democrats.

    10. Change electoral maps in our favor. Make it illegal for democrats to voice their concerns here to.

    11. Before Trump takes office come up with a list of 100 or so prominent democrats we would like to jail. Make up a crime a jail them.

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