Karl Rove says Biden campaign’s presence at Trump trial is a mistake


Fox News contributor Karl Rove discusses the Biden and Trump campaigns as the former president faces closing arguments in his N.Y. criminal trial.

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  1. If Donald Trump don't step into the White House on January the 6th of 2025 for his swearing in, you're going to see an eruption in this country the likes of that you have never seen before, that's almost a guarantee.

  2. This will just further enflame voters and give Trump more momentum – do the Democrats not realize that every single thing they tried with Trump has made him more popular. Don't interrupt your opponent while he's making a mistake I guess…

  3. I thought it was dodgey that Biden was planning to speak on Trumps conviction as a felon 3 hours before closing arguments. He knows the verdict? Having his people at the courthouse bashing Trump says they aren't confident. I think he gets acquitted today. The attorneys on the jury know the law. No crime was committed and their knowledge of law will supercede personal politics. I'm excited. Biden actually doesn't know.

  4. Anyone still unclear on whether this trial is political in nature, please note the Biden campaign event outside the courtroom. The public isn’t allowed outside the courtroom but the defendant’s opponent for President can have an event there, and the President himself plans to speak when the trial concludes.

  5. After seeing just how bad Biden has and is declining in physical health and cognitive health, how can anyone vote for him to be president? How the hell can anyone vote for this man to be caretaker of a country?

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