Kaitlyn Coones and Jonathon Jones sentenced for killing Nicole Jones


Toledo, OHIO — An Ohio teenager reportedly issued an “ultimatum” to her 33-year-old boyfriend to kill his mother, who she claimed interfered in their relationship. Subsequently, the teenager took matters into her own hands, leading to a life sentence for both individuals. After plea negotiations, 18-year-old Kaitlyn Coones and 33-year-old Jonathon Jones each pleaded no contest to charges of aggravated murder and abuse of a corpse on Tuesday, June 4, according to a news release from Lucas County Prosecutor Julia Bates. They were sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years.

Julia Bates, quoted in the release, expressed relief at the resolution of the case, acknowledging it as a horrific event. She continues to extend hopes that the family of Nicole Jones, who was the victim in this tragedy, will find a degree of peace knowing justice has been served.

Coones, a resident of Canton, confessed to the assault on Nicole Jones, Jonathan’s mother, causing her fatal injuries by hitting her in the head with a rock and then strangling her to death in April 2023. Previously reported to be 17 years old at the time, Coones stood trial as an adult.

Jonathon, residing in Toledo, also admitted complicity in his mother’s murder, as well as the subsequent cover-up efforts, according to authorities.

Coones left her foster home in Canton reported as missing, heading to Toledo to reunite with Jonathon, who shared a residence with his mother in Sylvania Township. Evidently, she entered undetected through a window and gave Jonathon an “ultimatum,” as detailed by police reports.

According to these records, when Jonathon failed to take action after the stipulated five hours, Coones resorted to violence, fatally assaulting Nicole while she was preoccupied in the kitchen. Subsequently, they concealed the body in a dumpster at a nearby apartment complex, which was subsequently removed, preventing the discovery of Nicole’s remains.

The fatal occurrence was disclosed by Coones to one of her caregivers, leading to law enforcement intervention. Jonathon Jones was facing a preexisting warrant for outstanding legal matters at the time of the incident, underpinned by charges of endangering children and attempted pandering obscenity.

After an extensive search operation, the couple was located in northern Mexico on May 8, 2023, weeks following the events in question. They were in possession of Nicole’s personal effects, including her vehicle, social security card, identification, credit cards, and health insurance documents. The FBI also discovered a backpack with apparent bloodstains. The remaining charges were subsequently dismissed through a plea agreement, which encompassed felonious assault, aggravated burglary, robbery, and tampering with evidence, among others.

Notably, a wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against Jonathon and Coones in April, underscoring the gravity and ramifications of the distressing incident.

Justin Dennis
Justin Dennis
Enterprise & Investigative Reporter. Justin M. Dennis has been on the beat since 2011 and has covered it all — from legislative sessions to school board meetings to crime scenes. Most recently, he led the Youngstown-based digital news startup Mahoning Matters as editor and reported for Youngstown’s Vindicator newspaper before it closed in 2019.

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