Jury Starts Decision-Making in Trump Business Trial


The jury on Wednesday afternoon began deliberations that will decide the outcome of the business records trial of former President Donald Trump in Manhattan.

A verdict could be reached as early as Friday.

There were varying reports as to whether Merchan told the jurors that they needed to agree on each count in order to convict Trump.

CNN reported the jury “must be unanimous if they find Trump guilty on each count — on whether he committed the personally, acted in concert with others or both.”

However, according to Fox News’s John Roberts, Merchan told the jury they did not need unanimity to convict.

Lawyer Bradley Moss said that the jurors have to be unanimous about Trump falsifying business records and agree that he did so with the intent to commit another crime but do not have to be unanimous on what the other crime was.

This is a developing report.

Kristina Wong
Kristina Wong
Pentagon Correspondent.

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