Jury Dismissed Following Conclusion of Trump Defense


Fox News’ Trey Gowdy breaks down the final day of testimony in the NY v. Trump trial, as jurors were dismissed without hearing from the former president on the witness stand.

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  1. I don't like trump but here Trump is very poor. Give him a job high post and steal money 💵 and bring him to court 😂 what a disloyal trump got. Ancient time kind of person will chop head immediately

  2. Is there any public servant left with any type of moral character to step up and step in regardless of any distain for trump? What’s right is right. Come on man!! If crooked joe was preaching America first I’d vote for him. But he’s not! Everything about Biden just seems soo wrong.

  3. You do not ever leave a jury for a few days let alone eight days before they deliberate. Grounds for Appeal on just that one point. You do leave them for 8 days IF you want Trump off the campaign trail. Well done Judge.

  4. geeeee, let me guess how this rigged jury will vote. 50% of the country is watching with eyes wide open…. Hoping they will not have to do what has to be done…. Repulsive administration.

  5. Why in the world are they waiting eight days until the jury can deliberate? Oh, I forgot election interference to stop former President Donald Trump ❤🎉😂😂😂😂😂

    PEOPLE pulling judge Merchons strings
    Need to cobble together some new strategy to try a d salvage this case.
    They can not , but they will try to scramble the last marble they can cling to. The case needs to be dismissed, and then the jury !

  7. The delay is to allow the jurors to go home and be pressured by their families and friends to convict Trump as well as to view heavily biased NYC reporting to the same end: GET TRUMP.

  8. This is the time when the judge gets advice from every senior judge he can find of the Democratic Party. He needs to CYA Because if he does not dismiss this case now, he will be infamous for hundreds of years.

  9. Kangaroo court ! The weaponization of our justice department is unreal ! I can’t believe this is happening in America! It’s time for something to change! These parasites in Washington need to go !

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