Jurors Presented with Hunter Biden’s Notorious Laptop


Fox News contributor Andy McCarthy reacts to the latest details from the Hunter Biden gun trial

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  1. Still with the laptop. You guys are so desperate to find a crime. This isn’t even the president!! But it’s cool that trump was the president, is running and has been convicted ! Plus he has crimes that are proven that he stole classified documents and sent fake electors to Steal the Election. You people are so hypocritical that it’s actually gross

  2. Any time i list what was actually on the hunters laptop videos ive seen i get banned and my comments covered up quickly. Youtube is helping to hide the truth. Watch it for yourself if you can still find it. Really sick stuff 🤮

  3. Imagine this:

    Trump is president

    Don Jr is charged with a firearms felony

    Does Trump pardon him? You already know the answer to this.

    What you're witnessing is a classic example of "Character" .
    Remember when character mattered?

  4. Shaming Hunter still can't remove the shame that Trump has dishonored America. Hunter Biden was never an elected official and never appointed to a high office. Unlike Trump or the Kushner's.

  5. Hunter Biden is a private citizen. Not a political figure who holds office. This has nothing to do with Joe Biden. Let's put that convicted criminal, rapist, racist, Insurrectionist, Russian agent, and adultery, Donald Trump in prison for 34 years.

  6. the copied hard drive of his laptop was real but there wasn't anything incriminating on there. it was a big nothing burger. not russian though.

  7. Let’s just say what everybody knows will happen. Donald Trump was convicted in a Democrat state, under Democrat laws, by a Democrat judge, by a Democrat prosecutor and democrat jurors. He had no chance at a fair trial, and the outcome is exactly what was expected, not because it was right, but because it was corrupt. Hunter Biden is on trial in a Democrat state, by a Democrat prosecutor, in his HOME TOWN!! He will be fully acquitted and every Democrat will say that the Justice system works. Prepare yourselves now fellow Republicans and conservatives and America loving patriots, because the wolves are no longer growling at the door. They have been let in the home and they are destroying everything they touch. Theirs only one way to get rid of wolves….

  8. Its actually nuts how right wingers will go rabid about hunter Biden, who has never held public office, but when Trump gets charged woth a literal felony theyre suddenly blind to US and State law.

  9. Everybody has got problems, okay ?
    But not everyone lies on a Federal application form to illegally acquire a firearm.
    As a LAWFUL gun owner….If I did what Hunter did I would already be serving prison time .

  10. FJB. I would love to hear the explanation the libs have for this one. If you truly cant see how corrupt and evil this family is, your just as corrupt and evil. Trump 2024

  11. What's up with Special Prosecutor Jack Smith, with any Special Prosecutor? SPs aren't legal. Why isn't the GOP challenging the legality of any SP? SPs aren't needed; there are enough Regular Prosecutors (RP), so SPs aren't legal, right?

    There shouldn't be any SPs; none at all, right? This is un-Constitutional and illegal and immoral. No SPs in America; not RIGHT! Stop the SP craziness in this country, NOW!

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